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Performance Lab Post Review 2022

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Performance Lab® Post




  • Safe, natural, and effective formula for optimal post-workout recovery
  • No artificial additives; GMO-free; vegan-friendly; gluten, soy and allergen-free
  • Discounts when buying in bulk


  • Only available directly from the manufacturer's website

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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2022 @ 9:13 pm

This Performance Lab Post review will go over the main reasons this supplement is so much higher in quality than other post-workout supplements on the market. To find out why, simply read on. 

When it comes to post-workout supplements, it’s safe to say that many of them either don’t contain the right ingredients or have far too little or too much of a dose.

That’s exactly why it’s important to choose your supplements wisely, so you can rest assured they ‘do exactly what they say on the tin’.

Lucky for you, Performance Lab Post is not just a supplement with a few vitamins and minerals and lots of caffeine to keep you hyper while you’re exercising.

Instead, the Performance Lab SPORT Post workout supplement is made only with all-natural ingredients and nothing that you might be allergic to, including soy, gluten, and wheat.

If that already has you convinced, then you can simply head on over to the official Performance Lab website to up your post-workout nutrition to a whole new level.

Buy Performance Lab Post

But if you’d like to find out more about what this supplement can do for you and what makes it stand out from the crowd, simply continue reading my complete review of Performance Lab Post.

What does Performance Lab Post Do?

Whether you’re going through intense training or just a standard workout, this vegan-friendly supplement provides you with the ingredients you need to recover faster from muscle damage if you went particularly hard during your workout.

This supplement forms part of the growing Performance Lab range, and is made by Opti-Nutra—experts in this type of high-quality product.

The main purpose of Performance Lab Post is to protect the muscles against breakdown and promote a much quicker recovery, which is especially helpful for people who participate in extensive workouts that really challenge them.

Helping your muscles recover after a great workout, Post goes a long way in helping that workout produce significant results.

Just think of the Performance Lab Post supplement like post-workout sports drinks—except without all the ingredients that may make you jittery, nervous or otherwise.

What makes Performance Lab Post even better is that unlike other post-workout supplements on the market, it features a clean, ultramodern design with only natural, science-backed ingredients used in its formula.

If you’d like to find out more about these, then simply continue reading as in the next section, I’ll look at Performance Lab Post’s formula in more detail.

Performance Lab Post Review – Ingredients

Filled with all-natural ingredients, this product has no artificial colors or ingredients and there are no banned substances in sight. Some of its most significant ingredients include:

  • Himalayan Pink Salt: a natural unprocessed salt that provides hydration.
  • Creapure pH10 Creatine: helps protein and stem cells form new muscles.
  • Beta-alanine: helps increase the working capacity of the muscles.
  • Pomegranate Extract: made to help muscle recovery and make muscles more comfortable.
  • NutriGenesis® Potassium: since potassium is excreted through muscle tissue during exercise, this type of potassium replenishes your supply.

You can easily get additional information by checking out the Performance Lab website, which goes into a lot more detail on all the ingredients and what they all do.

Does Performance Lab Post Have Any Side Effects?

Because of the clean formula used in this supplement, there are no known side effects of using it. 

In fact, Performance Lab Post is made for long-term use and actually works better the longer you use it. 

And because there are only natural ingredients in this supplement and never any artificial preservatives, GMOs, or any other additives, negative reactions to the supplement are extremely rare. When they do occur, they are very minor.

Even the capsules are suitable for vegans and contain nothing harmful. These are known as NutriCaps® – 100% plant-based and infused with prebiotics for enhanced digestive comfort and superior nutrient absorption.

And if you have any concerns whatsoever about this or any other post-workout supplements, you should check with your doctor before taking it.

How to take Performance Lab Post

To use, simply take four to six easy-to-swallow tablets with a full 16 to 32 ounces of water immediately after your workout. 

If you’re an advanced athlete or you have had an especially intense workout, you can take another two to four capsules if you like. 

The supplement contains just the right amino acid combinations and ingredients specifically designed to promote muscle growth and healing so that your workouts are much more productive.

Who is Performance Lab Post For?

Although many people think products like this are just for professional athletes, that is certainly not the case. Performance Lab SPORT Post is for everyone who works out regularly and takes their workouts seriously. 

Even if you’ve never worked out before, you’ve likely heard about oxidative stress and what it does to your body, and this supplement is filled with antioxidants to combat this stress.

Not only is the supplement great for post-workout muscle repair, but it is also good for you in other ways as well, and taking it daily is a healthy, safe thing to do.

And if you’re looking to pair this with a high-quality pre-workout supplement, I’d recommend checking out my review of Performance Lab Pre, which you’ll find can be safely stacked with Post.

Where Can I Buy Performance Lab Post?

You won’t find Performance Lab Post on online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, as the manufacturer Opti-Nutra only sells its supplements on its official websites – Post included.

At least this way, you can rest safe knowing that you’ll be getting the real deal, and not some counterfeit product that could not only put your health at risk, but potentially leave you out of pocket, too.

Performance Lab also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its supplements, so in the unlikely event you don’t get the results you were hoping for, you can get in touch with the friendly customer service team who will be happy to process a full refund.

Performance Lab also offers fast and free worldwide shipping on all orders over $100, and has bulk-buy offers you can take advantage of to bring down the cost of Post and other Performance Lab supplements that you may be interested in buying.

Performance Lab Post Review Conclusion – Is It Worth Buying?

Overall, it’s safe to say that Performance Lab Post goes a long way when it comes to the muscle growth factor because it helps repair and even soothes your muscles after you exercise.

As well as this, Post promotes greater muscle growth than exercise alone, which further adds to its appeal.

And unlike other post-workout supplements, the ingredients in this one have been proven to work, so you can take it with confidence every time.

So, if you’ve been looking for an excellent supplement to help you after a hard workout, look no further than Performance Lab Pre, because this most definitely fits the bill.

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