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Performance Lab Flex Review – Best Joint Support Supplement in 2023?

Performance Lab® Flex




  • Scientifically-proven ingredients that are high-quality
  • Effective blend of nutrients with high bioavailability for excellent absorption
  • Offers superb joint support for maximum pain reduction and flexibility


  • Only available directly from the manufacturer's website

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Active and adventurous? You’re in for a treat.

Performance Lab® Flex is an all-natural supplement that takes joint care to the next level.

It’s packed with scientifically-backed ingredients to protect your joints from pain and wear – so you can take on any activity.

What’s in it? How does it measure up?

We answer those questions and more in this comprehensive review.

Get ready to move, flex, and groove!

What does Performance Lab Flex do for you?

Featuring a unique blend of scientifically-backed ingredients, Performance Lab Flex has been specifically designed to provide a wide range of benefits that you can enjoy if you consume the supplement regularly.

This includes the following:

  • Joint lubrication
  • Shock absorption
  • Bone mineral density support
  • Nourishment of tendons and ligaments
  • Alleviation of pain and tightness
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved recovery from injuries

Described as being a ‘Flexibility enhancer, plus joint relief and renewal’, this particular supplement is designed to prevent lifestyle-related joint issues from taking their toll on your body as you age.

Whether it’s from performing intense cardiovascular exercise, lifting weights, or even from the tasks that you perform at work, there are a whole host of reasons why you may experience wear and tear on your joints throughout your life.

So, to prevent these issues from occurring as you get older, it’s important to protect yourself by taking a supplement that will help to keep your joints in good condition.

Thankfully, the manufacturer promises that Performance Lab® Flex contains science-backed ingredients for achieving just that.

Performance Lab Flex Review – Ingredients

In this section, we’ll provide an overview of the ingredients in Performance Lab® Flex.

But first, here’s the supplement facts label of the product so you can view the exact dosages per serving:


CurcuWIN Turmeric (250 mg)

Common in Indian cuisine as well as foods from other Eastern countries, turmeric is the substance which gives certain foods its distinctive yellow color.

Turmeric also happens to be common in Ayurvedic medicine too, all thanks to the excellent health benefits that it provides.

Numerous studies have confirmed turmeric to be highly effective in terms of inflammation reduction and joint pain alleviation.

So, it’s easy to see why you’ll find this particular ingredient in many joint supplements on the market nowadays.

Curcuminoids are the reason why turmeric provides plenty of health-promoting properties.

Curcumin is the most significant of them, with this particular component providing you with enhanced flexibility and joint health.

Some studies indicate that you need a high dosage of curcumin (1,000 mg) for optimal results because of its low bioavailability.

Thankfully, Performance Lab® has increased the bioavailability of curcumin within Flex.

As a result, your body is able to absorb curcumin with a smaller dosage of just 250 mg.

ApresFlex Boswellia Serrata (100 mg)

Just like turmeric, boswellia serrata has been used for many years in Ayurvedic medicine.

Also boasting powerful anti-inflammatory properties, this particular ingredient is effective in terms of pain management and immobility associated with joint pains (1).

Boswellia serreta is a proven ingredient when it comes to decreasing joint pain caused by inflammation.

This is because of an acid called boswellic acid, which prevents a certain enzyme from causing damage to connective tissue and cartilage.

To make the most out of boswellia serrata, you usually need to consume it in high dosages.

Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with Flex, as a 100 mg dosage is more than enough thanks to Performance Lab® increasing its bioavailability.

Glucosamine Sulfate (500 mg)

When it comes to reducing joint pain and improving flexibility, it doesn’t get much better than glucosamine.

In fact, I’d even go as far as to say this ingredient is an essential one to look out for when searching for a great joint supplement.

Why? You ask. Well, it’s because high concentrations of glucosamine help to keep your joints lubricated.

Plus, it also prevents decreasing flexibility and erosion of your joints which is likely to occur if you don’t supplement with this particular ingredient as you age.

The 500 mg dosage of glucosamine in Flex is very generous indeed. This is more than enough to ensure that the body will be able to absorb and utilise it effectively.

And, the fact it is sourced from corn, as opposed to shellfish (like most other supplements), is another bonus.

Mythocondro Chondroitin Sulfate (100 mg)

A branded form of chondroitin sulfate, Mythocondro is an incredibly useful compound for the protection of your joints.

This particularly goes for those who perform high-impact cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis such as sprints, jumping, and running.

This ingredient also provides excellent joint support by lubricating them and offering enhanced shock-absorption.

The combination of glucosamine and chondroitin is likely to be highly effective for those experiencing moderate or severe pain.

OptiMSM (100 mg)

OptiMSM goes hand in hand with other ingredients in Flex such as Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine Sulfate.

The combination of all three provides optimal joint support while preventing damage and inflammation.

So, it’s clear that this ingredient is a useful inclusion from the manufacturer.

NutriGenesis Strontium (300 mcg)

Strontium is a mineral that is naturally occurring in human bone.

Allowing the body to produce new, robust bone, this particular compound is often used to treat joint conditions including osteoporosis and arthritis.

Not many supplements contain this particular ingredient, but it’s actually hugely effective in maintaining flexibility and mobility.

Therefore, you’ll find that it can benefit you greatly as you age.

Plus, you can rest assured knowing that a dosage of 300 mcg is sufficient enough to provide you with enhanced joint health.

Does Performance Lab Flex Have Any Side Effects?

The problem with certain supplements is that they can sometimes cause unwanted side effects.

But on the whole, side effects are extremely rare when it comes to consuming joint supplements.

Performance Lab® Flex is certainly no exception to this, as I was able to consume the supplement safely without any side effects.

How to take Performance Lab Flex

With one container of Performance Lab® Flex, you get a total of 60 capsules.

Taking two capsules per day is the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you stick to this, one container will last you 30 days.

For optimal results, it’s best to consume Flex daily and consistently. The manufacturer also suggests that Flex will be the ideal remedy for age-related joint aches.

But, both older adults and even younger ones who lead a heavily active lifestyle can benefit from Flex.

Who is Performance Lab Flex For?

Those with an active lifestyle will find Performance Lab® Flex to be particularly useful.

This is because it protects against joint and flexibility issues that often arise if don’t take the necessary precautions.

When it comes to providing optimal joint health, the military, elite athletes, and other frequently-active members of society will benefit from taking Flex on a daily basis.

However, ageing adults are undoubtedly the group who will benefit from taking Flex the most.

This is because they are the most likely to experience bone and joint degeneration. Thankfully, Flex will help to combat these issues.

What Are The Reviews of Performance Lab Flex Like?

Like other products in the Performance Lab® range, Flex is a well-received supplement, as it has earned several rave reviews across the web.

I can most definitely agree with them. And, in my opinion, Performance Lab® Flex is one of the best joint supplements available on the market right now.

However, if you are unhappy with your purchase or ordered something by mistake, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s generous 30-day refund policy by getting in touch with the customer support team.

Simply send them a message and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Performance Lab Flex Review Conclusion – Is It Worth Buying?

If you’re looking to enhance your flexibility or are searching for the ideal solution for joint relief and renewal, this product is well worth investing in.

After all, it contains an effective blend of science-backed ingredients.

If you do bite the bullet and purchase Flex, you can save money if you choose their 3-month supply option.

This includes 1 free container of Performance Lab® Flex, which means a saving of $39.00 (£29.00), at the time of writing.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more after reading our in-depth review of Performance Lab® Flex, we’d suggest visiting the official website now.


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