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Check out this detailed guide to the best carb supplement as we look at the top products for CrossFitters and bodybuilders available today.

In recent years, CrossFit has experienced quite a boom in its popularity. Alongside bodybuilding, it has become one of the biggest and fastest-growing trends in the fitness industry. And for a reason.

CrossFit is great for getting stronger and leaner. It builds muscle, improves performance, builds stamina, and burns extra fat. It is also a dynamic and fun activity to do, so its popularity isn’t surprising.

However, CrossFit workouts are often done with high-intensity and are physically exhausting. Bodybuilding is no exception. For this reason, if you want to improve your sports performance, recovery should be an essential part of your training.

Taking a day off is only one part of it. In order to maximize recovery and performance, having a good post-workout supplement is important. It will help you recover faster and get back to training quicker.

Continue reading as we give you the lowdown and look closer at the benefits of carbs for CrossFit and bodybuilding.

What Are The Benefits of Carbohydrates For CrossFit and Bodybuilding?

During physical activity, your body uses stored glycogen in your muscles as fuel. As the intensity of the training increases, you burn more energy, and glycogen gets depleted.

If your nutritional needs aren’t met, your body will break down muscle tissue and use it as energy. Not only will it affect your muscle mass, but your exercise performance as well.

This is where carbohydrate supplements kick in. They can be taken after, during, or before activity.

Carbs taken after the workout quickly replenish glycogen levels. This prevents muscle loss and helps you recover quicker. Taking it before your workout boosts your energy and prepares you for activity. 

But taking them beforehand isn’t your only option, as they can work great during your workout too. Doing so will give you the energy you need to last throughout the whole workout.

Therefore, carbohydrates are a great dietary supplement for recovery and performance; especially when combined with a high-quality protein powder. The combination of protein powder with carbs will take your recovery and muscle growth to the next level.

What Types of Carb Supplements Are There?


If you’re looking for an edge in your next workout, or you’re just looking for a better way to fuel your body, you need KarboLyn.

This unique carb source gets absorbed quickly, providing you with the energy you need to crush your goals. But because it’s a complex carb, it also helps to keep your energy levels balanced, preventing that dreaded sugar crash.

Waxy Maize Starch

The main characteristic of waxy starch is that it contains a large amount of amylopectin. Because of it, waxy starches should have faster absorption. The rapid absorption results in better glycogen storage. 

Unfortunately, these claims are not supported by studies. They show no significant difference in absorption compared to other starch sources. [1]


Maltodextrin is a fast-absorbing carbohydrate. It’s often a part of sports drinks and energy snacks. Because of its fast-absorbing properties, it is often used by athletes. 

However, compared to glucose or other sugars, it doesn’t have noticeable positive effects on glycogen storage.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD)

HBCD is another fast absorbing carbohydrate. Its high molecular mass allows rapid digestion and energy release.

Like other carbs on this list, HBCD is used for performance and recovery. It is produced by an enzymatic starch breakdown, creating a carbohydrate that is easily digested but maintains the gradual release peculiar to starch.

What To Look For and What To Avoid in A Carb Supplement

The main criteria when looking for the best carb supplement should be which ingredients it contains. Choose supplements that contain ingredients with proven benefits and no side effects.

For example, a lot of carbohydrate supplements contain waxy maize starch or other carb sources. Their effects are not entirely supported by studies and have limited effects.

Other criteria should be the way of production. Natural and organic supplements should have the advantage. Avoid supplements with artificial sweeteners and with low-quality ingredients. These ingredients are used to bulk up the servings, but offer no benefit to the user.

According to the criteria above, you can’t go wrong with Performance Lab Carb. Its main ingredient Karbolyn is superior to other carb supplements. It has a proven effect and will take your training to another level.

Also, Performance Lab Carb contains no artificial sweeteners. Its clean formula makes it one of the best choices when it comes to carbohydrate supplements.

Final Thoughts – Best Carb Supplement for CrossFit & Bodybuilding

The harder you train, the more energy you burn, and the faster your glycogen levels get depleted. Low glycogen levels may limit your sports performance and efficiency.

Among athletes, carbs have long been used for muscle recovery and peak performance. However, traditional carbs have their drawbacks. They either take too long to absorb or absorb quickly, but give only a quick burst of energy.


(1) Goodpaster BH, Costill DL, Fink WJ, Trappe TA, Jozsi AC, Starling RD, Trappe SW. The effects of pre-exercise starch ingestion on endurance performance. Int J Sports Med. 1996 Jul;17(5):366-72.

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