Best Multivitamin for Men Bodybuilding in 2023



Read on to discover everything you need to know about the best multivitamin for men bodybuilding in 2023.

For bodybuilders, it’s essential to get all the vitamins and minerals required for muscle growth and overall health.

Sure, a balanced diet is important – but getting the full range of nutrients can feel like trying to push water uphill with a rake.

Don’t leave anything to chance – Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi for Men is great quality and awesome value. Let’s look at why this multivitamin for men is the optimum choice for bodybuilding success and how you can use it for the best results.

Best Multivitamin for Men Bodybuilding in 2023

best multivitamin for men bodybuilding
Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi for Men

Comparing Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men to standard multivitamin products is a bit like comparing a Cadillac to a three-wheel bike. 

These vegan-friendly capsules from Performance Lab supply no less than 27 vitamins and minerals, all calibrated for a man’s nutritional needs.

It’s often the case that certain nutrients are missing from our diets. This void could and often does result in poor performance. NutriGenesis Multi for Men helps to restore these missing nutrients and, by doing so, helps support healthy cell performance across all body systems.

The unique nutrition technology that Performance Lab uses in their product means that vitamins and minerals are bioengineered with cofactors that help support absorption and maximize benefits.

The capsules are tailored specifically to men and are prebiotic and vegan friendly to ensure digestive comfort and peace of mind.

Performance Lab’s gender-specific supplement supplies at least 100% daily value of 17+ essential vitamins and minerals and contains zero synthetics or isolated nutrients.

Supporting overall long-range health and daily vitality, the probiotic cultivated and prebiotic infused NutriCaps ensure digestive comfort. The ultra-clean plant-based capsules are also designed in such a way that makes them easy to swallow.

So how exactly will Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men benefit you in your bodybuilding exploits and everyday life?

‣ Cardiovascular Health

A healthy heart and improved blood vessels lower the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and heart valve problems. Vitamins K1, K2, and vitamin E are just three of the nutrients found in NutriGenesis Multi For Men that help support good cardiovascular health.

‣ Energy Metabolism

The process of generating energy from nutrients, essential for those intense workouts, is one huge plus point of this product. 

Vitamin B1 and magnesium help generate the energy required and are only two of the many nutrients found in Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi for Men that do so.

‣ Metabolic Performance

Ramp up your metabolic performance to help burn calories and fat. Vitamin B2 and B5 are essential nutrients found in the product that help to boost your metabolic performance.

‣ Bones and Joints

NutriGenesis Multi for Men contains calcium, boron, and vitamins K1 and K2 to help keep bones strong and healthy.

‣ Immune Function

Your immune system is vital if you’re going to maintain optimum health. Vitamin C, D3, and zinc are just a few of the essential nutrients found in Performance Lab’s multivitamin supplement.

‣ Muscle Growth and Function

Magnesium supports muscle relaxation and calcium and is vital for muscle contraction and energy metabolism. Add to this the copper found in Nutrigenesis Multi for Men, and you can see why it can easily benefit bodybuilders.

‣ Digestive Health

Poor digestive health could mean our bodies are not absorbing all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. The numerous B vitamins found in the multivitamin from Performance Lab and vitamins C, A, and D help promote good digestive health.

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men offers much more and is an ideal companion for experienced bodybuilders and novices alike. 

In fact, it’s a perfect solution for anyone who wants to ensure that their bodies are obtaining all the essential nutrients needed for good overall long-term health.

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How Important Is a Multivitamin for Bodybuilding?

As previously mentioned, not all diets are the same, and sometimes you may not be getting all the essential nutrients your body needs. A multivitamin is an ideal solution for bridging that nutrient gap.

Bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone else who lives an active lifestyle will need more nutrients than the average non-active person. 

If you become deficient in any of the essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health, it could cause a breakdown of the metabolic pathway that produces optimum efficiency. 

This, in turn, would see your performance levels drop considerably, which is not exactly conducive to bodybuilding.

Chemical reactions in the body are also controlled by the various vitamins you ingest, which convert food into energy. Anyone who regularly visits the gym will know how important it is to have high energy levels to get you through those intense workouts.

For bodybuilders to maximize results, they need to ensure they recover from those intense workouts, and quickly. A multivitamin provides a solution to this as the antioxidants found in vitamin C and E could help clean up the cellular damage and free radicals caused by intense exercise.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is of paramount importance for anyone who wants to avoid regular illness. 

If you’re constantly sick and feeling ill, the likelihood of you meeting your fitness goals and improving performance is nil. A solid daily multivitamin will ensure that your body’s immune system remains in good shape.

What are the Most Important Nutrients for Male Bodybuilders?

‣ Zinc

Zinc plays a significant role in producing hormones, including testosterone, which is essential for building muscle. Bodybuilding aside, zinc also helps maintain a healthy heart and respiratory system along with healthy cholesterol levels.

‣ Iron

Transporting oxygen from the lungs to the muscles is just one role that iron plays in a bodybuilder’s life. It also helps maintain high energy levels and supports a robust immune system.

‣ Vitamin D

Calcium may be the major contributor to bone health, but vitamin D also plays its part. A lack of this vitamin can result in your body stopping depositing calcium into your bones, resulting in calcium being drawn from the bones and back into the bloodstream. A deficiency could also interfere with your strength gains.

‣ Vitamin A

Besides having positive effects on eye health, vitamin A has one outstanding attribute that bodybuilders find vitally important. The vitamin supports protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle growth. As protein synthesis increases, vitamin A levels decrease. Vitamin A is vital for supporting the breakdown of protein during the muscle repairing process.

‣ Vitamin C

Probably the most common and well-known vitamin, this powerful antioxidant works to protect muscle cells from damaging free radicals. Bodybuilders benefit even further as it helps to increase levels of testosterone and other anabolic hormones.

‣ Calcium

We all know the vital role that this mineral plays in support strong bones and teeth. Still, it’s also put to good use in bodybuilding circles because it’s also essential for muscle contraction and energy metabolism.

‣ Magnesium

Another mineral important to bone health but also plays a major part in preventing injury to muscles as it helps support flexibility. A lack of magnesium could cause cramps as the muscles would find it difficult to relax.

‣ Vitamin B Complex

Containing a group of water-soluble vitamins including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12, folate, biotin, and pantothenic acid, the vitamin B complex has many attributes that benefit bodybuilders and athletes. Thiamin plays an essential role in producing energy, and riboflavin helps produce aerobic energy.

What is the Best Time to Take Multivitamins for Bodybuilding?

Some people prefer to take their supplement first thing in the morning, as it may stimulate metabolism. 

Others prefer to take them before or after a workout. Although there is no ideal time, it is important to ensure you choose a multivitamin that offers multiple doses per day rather than one a day, as this will help to achieve optimum nutrient absorption.

Should I Buy a Men’s Multivitamin?

Ideally, yes. As previously mentioned, men and women have different nutritional needs. One of the differences between men’s and women’s multivitamin supplements is the amount of iron they contain. 

The higher iron content in female multivitamin supplements helps replace the significant amounts they lose during their period. 

A universal multivitamin could see you missing out on or having too many specific vitamins and minerals, so choosing a gender-specific one will ensure you only get all the essential daily nutrients you need.

What Makes a Good Multivitamin for Male Bodybuilders?

They should contain all the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to function at its optimum levels and ideally be explicitly tailored to the male audience. 

You will also absorb the nutrients better if you choose a supplement that allows multiple doses rather than a single dose. And of course, you won’t want any product that contains any allergens, and you’d also want it to be vegan-friendly if you’re following a plant-based diet or wish to avoid poor-quality, animal-sourced ingredients found in certain multivitamin supplements on the market.

Conclusion – Best Multivitamin for Men Bodybuilding in 2023

The importance of taking multivitamins is evident. Trying to meet your daily needs through food alone is difficult. 

Deficiencies in any vitamins and minerals will have an adverse effect on our lives and performances, some more than others. By choosing to take a great multivitamin like NutriGenesis Multi for Men, you can avoid such problems.

But it’s not as simple as just picking a product of the shelf of your health store or ordering any random multivitamin supplement online. 

You need to ensure it contains all the essential nutrients that your body needs, contains no allergens, and is vegan-friendly; Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men ticks all these boxes and more.

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