You are currently viewing Performance Lab PL-Immune Review – Best Immune Support Supplement in 2023?

Performance Lab PL-Immune Review – Best Immune Support Supplement in 2023?

Performance Lab® PL-Immune™




  • Safe, natural, and effective formula for optimal immune system support
  • Bulk-buy offer for excellent cost-savings
  • Vegan-friendly with plant-based, prebiotic-infused NutriCaps®


  • Only available directly from the manufacturer's website

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Check out my complete Performance Lab PL-Immune review for an in-depth look at this high-quality immune support supplement.

When you’re constantly busy, it’s easy to forget about the small yet important things. Your immune system is one such thing that requires your attention in order for it to remain strong and healthy!

Making healthy lifestyle choices such as exercising regularly and following a healthy, well-balanced diet is a brilliant start, but many choose to use a high-quality immune support supplement to take things a step further.

One of the latest supplements to enter the market in the immune support category is PL-Immune, an immune support supplement from Performance Lab that claims to address all your immune concerns so you can lead a healthier life.

But does PL-Immune live up to the hype or are your hard-earned pennies better spent on another product?

Continue reading my complete Performance Lab PL-Immune review and you’ll find out!

Let’s get into this.

Performance Lab PL-Immune: A Quick Overview

The human body is constantly bombarded with external sources that pose risks to our health and wellbeing. We’re exposed to various allergens and different types of bacteria daily; leaving us susceptible at any time.

Overexposure can wear down your immune system by weakening its defenses against invaders in the environment, leading you towards an unhealthy state without warning!

Luckily, PL-Immune™ helps with these immune concerns by working with your body’s natural processes to help fight off infections and diseases while supporting overall wellness.

Performance Lab PL-Immune™ combines powerful ingredients in just the right amounts to provide broad-range support for your immune health.

Looking to find out more about these ingredients? Then read on as that’s exactly what we’ll cover in the next section!

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Performance Lab PL-Immune Review – Ingredients


Vitamin D – 20 mcg

We all know that vitamin D is great for our bones, but new research has shown it also improves the immune system. Studies have even found that low levels of the nutrient can lead to side effects such as fatigue and bone pain—quite an unpleasant combination!

But there’s more: Northern hemisphere residents rarely get enough Vitamin D because they’re out of sync with its production during winter months when people spend most time indoors.

To give your immune system the best chance of fighting off infection, you’ll need to keep your vitamin D levels topped up, which PL-Immune allows you to do with 20 mcg of this vital nutrient per serving.

Vitamin C – 30 mg

A healthy immune system can help you fight off invaders, so it’s a good idea to ensure you’re getting enough vitamin C. You might not be deficient in this vitamin very often, but that doesn’t mean you want an intruder when they come knocking!

There are many ways that the immune system can be compromised. One way is by not keeping your vitamin C intake topped up, which has an important role in healthy immunity support! Consider this when you purchase PL-Immune – it contains Vitamin C and other nutrients for a healthier life.

Selenium – 25 mcg

Selenium is a cofactor for many important antioxidants in the body. It can help to reduce the risk of infection and improve immune response to infections by being an essential trace element that works with enzymes involved in producing antioxidant molecules that target different types of free radicals at once.

NutriGenesis® Selenium also comes with immune-supporting properties. For instance, when combined with PL-Immune™ L-Glutathione, NutriGenesis®, is 2X more potent in boosting the immune system because synergistic selenoprotein formations create antioxidants that help NK cells and T cells to function optimally.

Zinc – 5 mg

A zinc deficiency may throw your immune system off-balance, undermining its functionality and ability to protect you. That’s exactly why it’s important to supplement this nutrient, especially as a zinc deficiency is something affecting many people around the world.

Consistently supplementing your diet with zinc can have positive effects on the immunity enhancement of T-cells and NK cells.

Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (IMMUSE™) – 50 mg

Compared to many traditional food-based sources of probiotics, LC-Plasma stimulates the pDC (plasmacytoid dendritic cells) in a more targeted way.

The superior IMMUSE™ covers 4 different immune cells; NK cells, Killer T-cells, Helper T-Cells, and B cells, making it a better option than other probiotic sources.

Setria® Glutathione – 250 mg

PL-Immune from Performance Lab also contains 250 mg of Setria® glutathione. This particular ingredient effectively boosts T-cell numbers, supports normal antibody responses, and also stimulates NK cells.

And when you consider that Setria® glutathione is clinically proven to raise glutathione levels in the bloodstream while supporting your immune system, it’s safe to say it’s a vital ingredient in the PL-Immune formula.

Does Performance Lab PL-Immune Have Any Side Effects?

PL-Immune is said to be a great supplement for those looking to improve their immune health, as it has been shown to be not only effective but also has minimal side effects. With PL-immune being vegan-friendly and free from allergens or synthetic additives, you will feel at ease when adding this into your daily routine.

Performance Lab PL-Immune Price and Where to Buy

Performance Lab’s PL-Immune is a premium product, and with that comes a premium price. One container will set you back $49.00 but there are fantastic savings to be had by taking advantage of Performance Lab’s bulk buy offer comprising 4 months’ supply (3 boxes + 1 free).

The four-month supply offers come in at a reasonable $147, which means per container it costs only $36.75!

Performance Lab PL-Immune Review Conclusion – Is It Worth Buying?

While immune support supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise, they can be an additional tool in your arsenal to help you fend off infection.

If you’re looking for the best supplement on the market right now, Performance Lab PL-Immune is our recommendation. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and more that will work together to boost your body’s ability to fight back against illness before it even starts!

So, what are you waiting for?! Get your hands on Pl-Immune today to give your body the broad-range immune support it needs for complex immune challenges.


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