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Performance Lab Sleep Review 2022

Performance Lab® Sleep




  • Safe to consume daily
  • Features high-quality and science-backed ingredients
  • Uses a natural form of melatonin
  • GMP-Certified, Caffeine-Free, and Non-GMO


  • Only available directly from the manufacturer's website
  • Higher price than other products on the market

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Are you looking for an all-natural sleep supplement that can send you into a deep and restful sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and alert? Then Performance Lab Sleep could well be the answer to your prayers.

Getting a good night’s sleep is something that’s easier said than done for many people across the globe.

As a result, you can wake up feeling groggy, and struggle to get even the simplest of tasks done through the day.

If that sounds like you, then you’re most definitely not alone.

Luckily, a natural sleep aid can go a long way in preventing such issues, with Performance Lab Sleep being one of many options at your disposal.

In my complete Performance Lab Sleep review, I’ll explain fully why it’s one of the best nootropic stacks to help you stay asleep all night and what makes it stand out from the crowd when compared to other melatonin supplements on the market.

So, with no further ado, let’s dive in.

What does Performance Lab Sleep Do?

Forming part of the hugely popular Performance Lab range of products from Opti-Nutra, Sleep falls in line with the company’s aim to create clean, effective, and natural supplements in a new format that will help achieve peak performance, vibrant health, and fully optimized potential. 

Performance Lab Sleep encourages and augments drowsiness through one of the best natural sources of melatonin – CherryPURE tart cherries, along with additional antioxidants that relax and soothe your muscles, nerves, and aches. 

It provides a healthy, safe, natural and non-addictive alternative to synthetic-melatonin based sleep aids that can sometimes leave you waking up groggy, irritable, and struggling to get through the day.

The purpose of a good sleep-aid is to supplement and enhance the quality of your sleep by introducing natural and holistic substances in the body. 

While most sleep aids supply these substances, they are often in a synthetic form, treated with high doses of chemicals that do more harm than good, which is a one-dimensional solution to a multi-faceted problem. 

These synthetic supplements leave you feeling groggy and unprepared to face the day, irrespective of the number of hours you’ve slept.

This is because it does not target the underlying issue that most sleep aids fail to consider: it is not the quantity (number of hours) of sleep, but the quality of sleep.

Thankfully, the folks over at Opti-Nutra use a natural blend of ingredients to help keep your circadian rhythm and sleep cycles in check.

Performance Lab Sleep Review – Ingredients

In the following section, we’ll inspect the ingredients contained within Opti-Nutra’s Performance Lab Sleep.

But before we dive in, here’s the full ingredients label:

Performance Lab Sleep Ingredients

1) Montmorency Tart Cherry as CherryPURE® (500 mg)

Montmorency Tart Cherry is a nature-identical source of melatonin, which helps to regulate the heartbeat and establishes a stable sleep pattern by emulating the soothing effects of nighttime.

Containing high levels of melatonin, tart cherry has been proven to increase the duration and quality of your sleep significantly [1].

2) L-Tryptophan as TryptoPure® (250 mg)

TryptoPure promotes the synthesis of sleep-inducing and supporting chemicals, which trigger a calm and bright daytime mood, along with a soothing, restful night-time mood. When the quality of sleep is poor, it creates a pattern of non-productivity and irritability. 

TryptoPure converts the melatonin from CherryPURE and simultaneously, it is involved in optimizing the natural production of melatonin by the pineal gland.

3) Magnesium (100 mg)

When it comes to achieving optimal bone health, it’s safe to say that magnesium has long been hailed as one of the most important minerals around.

But more recently, magnesium has been shown to not only help your body relax, but it can even lower blood pressure, too.

This is what makes magnesium such a great inclusion in Performance Lab Sleep, as lower blood pressure and a more relaxed state will allow you to fall asleep quicker and achieve a superior quality of sleep.

Performance Lab Sleep uses an advanced three-fold matrix that promises superior sleep. It comprises the following forms of magnesium:

  1. Magnesium Bisglycinate – An amino acid that helps with greater absorption in the intestines.
  2. Magnesium Taurate – A substance that calms and relaxes the brain and acts as a catalyst for the onset of sleep.
  3. NutriGenesis® – This is a clean probiotic magnesium that boosts absorption in the intestines.

What Makes Performance Lab Sleep Unique?

Given the wide amount of choice on the market for sleep supplements, you may be wondering exactly why you should consider choosing Performance Lab Sleep above the rest.

For me, making the decision to buy Performance Lab Sleep was easy, as it is:

  • GMP certified
  • Caffeine-free
  • Non-synthetic
  • Soy-free 
  • Gluten-free
  • Free from any allergens and irritants
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No artificial colors and preservatives.

An added benefit is that even the capsules are good for you, since Performance Lab utilises the unique NutriCaps® technology.

This process involves the manufacturer making its capsules from a natural prebiotic fiber, as opposed to gelatin or HPMC like other manufacturers use.

Are There Any Side Effects of Performance Lab Sleep?

While many minor side-effects are bound to be present, they are sub-clinical, and few users have reported any severe or long-lasting side effects when using Sleep.

Sleep takes a more holistic and natural approach to sleep, with all its components being bio-safe and natural, taken from natural sources, as opposed to synthetic sources. 

Reviews of this supplement show that there are zero addictive components used in this natural sleep aid, which bases its very foundation around a motto of healthy living and promoting quality of life, not just sleep.

How to take Performance Lab Sleep

The recommended dosage for Sleep is 2-4 tablets half an hour before you go to bed at night. You should feel it taking effect shortly after, as it is quick to induce slumber by relaxing the mind and body. 

The secret to Sleep is that it not only targets and works on your body and its functions; it also works to improve your state of mind.

It calms you down, releases stress and pressure from your system, and this will consequently improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Where Can You Buy Performance Lab Sleep?

Priced at $44 for one container, Performance Lab Sleep is certainly at the premium end of the market in terms of cost.

But given the high-quality, effective ingredients you’ll find in this supplement, it’s most definitely a small price to pay.

What makes it even better is that if you’d like to bring the cost down to just $33/box, you can always opt for the company’s fantastic deal where you get 3 months’ supply plus one box free.

Keep in mind that you can only buy directly from the official Performance Lab website, but at least you’ll know you’re getting the real deal.

And thanks to the manufacturer’s generous 30-day money-back guarantee, you can place your order with complete peace of mind.

Who is Performance Lab Sleep For?

Performance Lab Sleep pills are available to anyone who wants natural, healthy, and safe sleep. It uses a formula that helps to solve various sleep-related concerns. It promotes tissue repair, cell renewal, and healthy function across all body systems.

At the same time, it leaves you feeling energized and refreshed so that you can power on through your daily tasks. 

And while the ingredients in Performance Lab Sleep are all safe and natural, I’d advise speaking to a GP (General Practitioner) or a doctor, who can instruct you on how to make the best possible use of this supplement.

What Are The Reviews of Performance Lab Sleep Like?

What sets Sleep apart from the competition is NutriGenesis®, which is a nutrition technology developed by Opti-Nutra – the creators of the Performance Lab range of products as well as the best all-in-one nootropic on the market – Mind Lab Pro®

Performance Lab Sleep is bio-engineered to be safe and highly effective for not just inducing sleep, but for an overall improvement in health and performance. NutriGenesis® provides significant advantages and benefits over synthetic or even standard nutrients. 

It is cleaner, and safer, produced in a sterile and strictly monitored and controlled environment. And unlike other sleep aids on the market, it is minimally processed and free of herbicides and pesticides. 

The entire process of creating NutriGenesis®, and subsequently, Sleep, is clean and efficient, without affecting the environment in any harmful way. 

Performance Lab Sleep reviews also show that there is hardly any carbon footprint either.

Performance Lab Sleep Review Conclusion – Is It Worth Buying?

That concludes my complete Performance Lab Sleep review! And it’s safe to say that I’m impressed.

With a holistic, eco-friendly, and economical approach to producing and supplying these supplements, Performance Lab Sleep has bottled the solution for outstanding quality sleep. 

Chock full of safe and healthy, and perhaps most importantly, natural components, Performance Lab Sleep is available at a reasonable and affordable price and is the ideal solution to achieve sound sleep and improve your quality of life.

Feel free to check out my reviews of other high-quality products in the Performance Lab range including Protein, Flex, and Stim, right here at!




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